29.04.2024 Zhixuan Wang Joined our group and started his master by reserach, working on 2D high entropy material as water splitting catalyst.

02.04.2024 Jiatong Mao Joined our group and started her PhD to study nanoconfinement effects inside van der Waals capillaries.

20.02.2024 Dr Qian Yang becomes the Academic Theme Lead for CVD process in the Graphene Engineering and Innovation centre (GEIC).

01.01.2024 Yihao Wei Joined out group as PhD student! He will be working on quantum transport at cryogenic temperature.


11.12.2023 Group Christmas activities - Laser tag

04.12.2023 Our Raman system is installed today and training follows.

15.11.2023 Prof Artem Mischhenko was again  named a Highly Cited Researcher for 2023 by the Web of Science and Clarivate Analytics , for consecutive 6 years from 2018.

09.11.2023 Congratulations to Mengjie Feng, who won the first place of poster presentation by Nature conferences scientific committee.  

01.09.2023 Stephen Tipper and Aleksander Kedziora joined our group as PhD students!

09.08.2023 Our paper "Synthesis and characterisation of LK-99" describes our efforts in synthesis and characterisation of the claimed room temperature superconductivity material LK-99, copper-doped lead apatite. In particular, XRD and EDX were performed to confirm LK-99 crystallinity and elemental composition. EDX shows very agglomerated distribution of copper metal islands in the lead apatite matrix. Although XRD of our materials show the characteristic features of LK-99, we did not observe magnetic levitation or zero resistivity.

17.08.2023 : See also media coverage for this paper by Sabine Hossenfelder in her latest video (from 3:26), here is the link:


As the world cheers for room temperature superconductivity, we also take our part and join the community to confirm LK-99. Perhaps, more importantly, to find ways to make superconductors.

01.08.2023 Dr Mohsen Moazzami Gudarzi joined the group as postdoctoral researcher! Mohsen will be exploring the water-graphene interface.

Graduation season - in a month time, we had four PhD students successfully pass their PhD viva. Congratulations to Dr Ziwei Wang (July 13th), Dr Anupam Bhattacharya (July 25th), Dr Mengjie Feng (July 31st) and Dr Ciaran Mullan (August 1st)!

19.07.23 Our paper "Mixing of moiré-surface and bulk states in graphite" is published online in Nature today! here is the link:

Big congratulations and thanks to all authors and collaborators! See the guided reading about the paper here.

More media coverage: Royce Institute Newsletter ; Chemistry World 

30.06.23  Congratulations to Mingwei Chen, who won the best poster award on the Graphene 2023 International Conference.

19.06.23  Jiawei Shao and Shitao Qu Joined us today for the exciting 6-week summer project using Raman spectroscopy to probe two-dimensional heterostructures.

08.06.23  our paper titled "Deep learning approach to genome of two-dimensional materials with flat electronic bands"is now online (link to view paper).  Congratulations to all the authors who contributed!

11.04.23  Nicholas Kay Joined our lab as a postdoctoral researcher!

29.03.23  Chuhongxu Chen joined our group as a CDT PhD student!

11.03.2023  Tamaghna Chowdhury finished his visiting studentship here in Manchester. We threw him a farewell party and wish all the best with his future career!

01.03.2023  Yashar Mayamei Joined our lab as a postdoctoral researcher!

27.01.2023 Our paper titled "Exploring the Nanoconfinement Effect Using 2D Capillaries" is on the front cover of the 2023 first issue. In this paper, we discuss Two-dimensional nanocapillaries assembled by van der Waals technology and how they enable experimental exploration under extreme spatial confinement. Our research into these directions will help to reveal nanoconfinement effects on molecular structure and behavior down to the atomic scale. View the article. 

26.01.2023 Zhijia Zhang Joined our group as a PhD student!

01.01.2023 Dr Qian Yang's European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant - Wonder Sieve starts, funded through UKRI.

This projects to develop lab-on-a-chip molecular sorting devices with simultaneous detection and separation functions - wonder sieve, based on van der Waals assembled nanocapillaries. 


19.12.2022: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! 

23.09.2022 Qian Yang was named Research Staff of the Year in the University of Manchester Excellence Awards.

28.11.2022 Jing Yu joined the group as a visiting PhD student. Jing Yu is a PhD student from University of Hong Kong.

07.10.2022 Amit Singh joined the group for PhD. Amit is the winner of the prestigious Dean's Doctoral Scholarship from the University of Manchester. You can check out Amit's profile from his own website!

27.09.2022 Flavia-Alexandra Cimpean and Stephen Tipper Joined the group for MPhys project on "New materials enabled by two-dimensional reactions".

08.09.2022  Our interdisciplinary research project "van der Waals heart" is funded by Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC). In this project, we will probe the electrical activity of heart cells and tissues down to the subcellular level. Better understanding of the electrical activity of healthy heart cells will help us to reveal the causes of dysfunctional heart cells and potentially guide us towards better treatment towards Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs).

13.08.2022  Our April 1st joke paper titled "Novel approach to room temperature superconductivity problem" is highlighted by famous science and technology Youtuber Sabine Hossenfelder in her latest video! Here is the link: (from 11:11)

29.06.2022  Tamaghna Chowdhury  joined our group as a visiting PhD student and will be exploring the 2D chemistry using Raman system.

28.16.2022 Qian Yang Won The Royal Society University Research Fellowship to lead innovative research towards smart van der Waals sieves. 

13.06.2022  Katarzyna Kuras joined our group for summer project.

07.06.2022 Our paper named "Machine Learning Enhanced Electrical Impedance Tomography for 2D Materials " is accepted by Inverse Problems Journal. A critical step for a bunch of physicists to publish on mathmatical journal! Thanks to our MPhys students and collaborators who contributed to this work!

22.03.2022  Anupam Bhattacharya departs to finish his PhD Degree in India. We threw a farewell party and wish him all the best in the future.

02.03.2022  Qian Yang awarded the Prestigious Dame Kathleen Ollerenshaw Fellowship to work on van der Waals assembled nanocapillaries as PI.

08.02.2022  Kate Mawdsley and Egle Rackaityte Joined the group for MPhys project on gas transport through atomic-thin crystals.


09.2021 23.09.2022 Qian Yang won the Excellence Award Best Output Award in the University of Manchester.

06.2021 PabloA Diaz nunez Joined our lab as postdoctoral researcher.

03.2021 Anupam Bhattacharya Joined our lab as visiting PhD student.


01.05.2020 Our ERC Consolidator Grant started - Project description 


15.11.2019 Artem Mischhenko was awarded Consolidator Grant 2019 

23.10.2019 our lab received funding from the Royal Society International Exchanges 2019 Cost Share to boost our collaborative research with Russian colleagues

01.09.2019 Dr Qian Yang's Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship kick starts!

19.08.2019 Ivan Timokhin received ICURe Innovation to Commercialisation Award (funded by InnovateUK)  

05.07.2019 Ivan Timokhin joined our team for postdoc research.

18.06.2019 Wenyu Liu joined our team as visiting PhD student.

Our paper is highlighted on Cover page of May issue of Nature Physics:

"Dimensional reduction in graphite"

The quantum Hall effect is thought to exist only in two-dimensional materials. Here, transport measurements show that thin graphite slabs have a 2.5-dimensional version, with a parity effect for samples with odd and even number of layers.

21.03.2019  Artem Mishchenko received a Pilot Award through the R2I programme by Innovation Optimiser.

11.03.2019 Ciaran Mullan joined our team for PhD study.

25.02.2019 Our paper on Quantum Hall Effect in Graphite is published in Nature Physics

"Graphite offers up new quantum surprise" UoM press release - Graphite offers up new quantum surprise

Interesting Engineering - Scientists Uncover Improbable Quantum Property of Graphite

SharedIt link

07.01.2019 Nikolai Semenov joined our team for a short-term research project.


15.12.2018 Mengjie Feng joined our team for PhD study.

27.11.2018 Artem Mishchenko was named a Highly Cited Researcher for 2018 by the Web of Science and Clarivate Analytics.

25.09.2018 Zhuang Gunter, Matthew Rimmer and Filip Moldzynski joined our team for MPhys projects.

1.09.2018 Ziwei Wang joined our team for PhD study.

21.06.2018 Artem Mishchenko was awarded EMFL Prize 2018 for "outstanding research in high magnetic fields over the past years"


11.11.2017 Yunzhe Du joined our team as visiting PhD student.

26.10.2017 Ziwei Wang has been awarded the winner of the Best Summer Placement 2017! CONGRATULATIONS!!

26.09.2017 Dale Chancellor, Michael Brown, Ziwei Wang, and Chang Lu joined our team for MPhys projects.

15.09.2017 Yaping Yang joined our team for PhD study.

1.09.2017 Jidong Li joined our team as a visiting PhD student.

7.07.2017 Ziwei Wang joined our team for paid summer placement.

1.07.2017 Makars Siskins and Ciaran Mullan received the Platt prize for best experimental work! CONGRATULATIONS!!

1.04.2017 Servet Ozdemir joined our team for PhD study.


9.10.2016 Manal Alhazmi joined our team for PhD study.

24.09.2016 Makars Siskins and Ciaran Mullan joined our team for MPhys projects.

29.07.2016 Jun Yin joined our team for postdoc research.

16.07.2016 Seok-Kyun Son joined our team for postdoc research.

19.06.2016 Servet Ozdemir joined our team for a summer project.

8.06.2016 Makars Siskins joined our team for a summer project.